Space-saving kitchen storage helpers


jokari standup produce bagFinding more space in your kitchen isn’t impossible.  You just need the right kitchen storage helpers.

By “helpers” I mean products that make life easier yet take up virtually no room.  Here are three amazingly cost-efficient helpers that are designed to reduce messes while maximizing kitchen storage space:

  • The Countertop Storage Bag Holder provides an easy, convenient way to load soups, salsas and other potentially messy foods into storage bags– the mess. Designed to fold flat so it easily fits in drawers and cabinets when not in use, this clever device uses adjustable clips to hold open zip-lock bags of just about any size as you pour foods for storage.  It can also be used to hold bags open for washing on the top rack of your dishwasher.
  • The Collapsible Funnel lets you easily transfer liquids from one container to another without making a mess on the counter, then collapses down when not in use for space-saving storage. The plastic handle gives you a firm grip while you’re pouring. You can also rest this funnel right into a waiting bottle so you can use both hands for pouring a hot liquid. Simply swing the handle down and expand the funnel; the handle becomes a part of the funnel to provide a handy freestanding design.
  • Progressive Kitchen Scissors with Magnetic Cover makes it easy to store scissors accessibly yet safely. The magnetic sleeve allows you to efficiently attachProgressive Kitchen Scissors with Magnetic Cover Image the included kitchen scissors to any magnetic surface, such as your fridge or freezer. The comfortable, sure-grip handles reduce slipping so you can easily cut through tough materials. The serrated blade edge ensures the blade won’t slide around when cutting almost any material.  An added feature is the steel tooth inserts on the inner handles–they’re designed for opening bottles.