Outerwear organizers with umbrella storage


Whether or not you have the luxury of an entry closet (aka coat closet), it’s a good idea to have an alternative for hanging rain-damp items and other gear that should be aired out.

A wall coat rack or series of individual coat hooks attached to the back of an entry door (or on the wall behind it) may be sufficient for keeping jackets, coats, hats and scarves off the floor.  But that still leaves the problem of where to stash wet-weather necessities such as umbrellas, rain boots and shoes, which tend to get left in a jumble by the door.

Luckily there are several types of efficient outerwear organizers with umbrella storage. Here are three of my favorites:

  • The practical bamboo 4-Shelf Shoe Rack and Umbrella Stand has four spacious slatted shelves for4 Shelf Shoe Rack - Umbrella Stand Image holding footwear and purses, and a vertical side holder for storing umbrellas, canes and hiking sticks.  The entire unit is a relatively compact 28.37 inches wide by 10.62 inches deep by 25-1/4 inches high.
  • The handsome wooden Hallway Tree offers storage for everything but shoes–it has eight double coat hooks (two on each of the four sides); two center shelves for holding purses and totes; an umbrella stand; and a small drawer for stashing keys, gloves and other accessories. It towers at 72 inches high and is 17 inches wide and deep.
  • The elegant birch wood Mission Style Coat Rack features a lower sectionMission Style Coat Rack - Brown Image for holding umbrellas, four double coat hooks for outerwear and hats, plus two drawers on top for stowing small items. Shoes can be tucked under the umbrella section. It measures a slender 16 by 16 inches and is 60 inches high.

To learn about other kinds of entryway storage systems, see my previous posts on this topic.


Mudroom and entryway organizers


Mud isn’t the main problem in mudrooms (aka entryways or foyers). Especially during the winter season when boots, shoes and umbrellas–not to mention coats, hats and gloves–tend to pile up and make your home’s entrance look less than enticing.

Whether you have an actual mudroom or just a simple entryway, keeping the floor of your home’s entry area clear of clutter can be particularly challenging.  Here are three different types of entryway organizers designed to minimize mudroom maintenance:

  • The Shoe Rack with Umbrella Stand offers four slatted shelves that work well for shoe storage; the top shelf is actually more handy for holding purses, gloves, Shoe Rack with Umbrella Stand Imagepackages or whatever you’re carrying when you walk in the door. The hardwood rack also features a side stand designed for storing umbrellas, canes and even muddy boots, with a metal tray on the bottom to protect floors from drips and dirt.
  • The Bamboo Storage Bench has spaces for two pairs of high boots and at least four pairs of shoes or other items. The bench top can be used either as a place to sit while putting on or taking off footwear, or as a convenient “loading zone” for purses and packages.
  • The Entryway Organizer provides efficient storage for everything except footwear.  It includes twoEntryway Organizer Image hooks on each of the four sides, for hanging coats and hats; two center shelves for holding purses, etc.; an umbrella stand; and a slim drawer into which you can discreetly empty the contents of your pockets.

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